Finally – 64-bit software is here

For a while I’ve been wondering when we’re going to do the switch to full 64-bit systems… and it’s finally happening!

Flash and Java are finally available in 64-bit version. Without these two the wheels stop turning… well I guess Flash days might be counted with Apples push towards HTML 5.

I’ve also found this new awesome browser Waterfox that loads heavy sites such as CrossValidated in no-time. Regular Firefox is non-responsive for 30 seconds while I barely notice the MathJax script loading with Waterfox.

R works without any issues in the 64-bit version. I’ve actually been forced to switched to it since I kept running out of memory on the 32-bit system. I’ve also found that my 64-bit Windows is faster that my 32-bit Ubuntu. I wonder when Ubuntu will start recommending the 64-bit system, or at least stop recommending the 32-bit…

What I’ve noticed is that some banking systems use 32-bit systems and are not yet ready for the 64-bit but that’s probably been the only major problems that I’ve run into since I switched to 64-bit software.

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