Creating an R package in Windows

The packaging of "nothing". An aura or vibe or spirit. To showcase that sometimes the packaging and the perception of the product, IS the product.

A nice package can be both beautiful and functional. The image is CC by MIAD Communication Design.

Inspired by this post by Szilard Pafka I decided to do a similar adventure in a Windows environment and see what problems I run into.

Start by installing Eclipse & StatET, the installation can sometimes cause some annoyances. I’ve covered a lot of them in my previous post. Continue reading

Is the golden age of surgery over?

An image showing bacteria surviving extreme environments. The image is CC by Dan Graham.

Any orthopaedic surgeon’s (and patient’s) nightmare is postoperative infections. Luckily these have been rare 0,5-1 %, much thanks to sterile technique and antibiotics. Dale et al’s article is therefore of considerable concern: There seems to be a significant increase the number of infections. If this is true, we may see an end to the expansion of orthopaedic surgery… Continue reading